Final Fantasy IV

Final Fantasy IV was released first on the SNES in 1991, is the first game in the Final Fantasy series introduced to the player battle system sale-format weekly (Active Time Battle) very favorite fans, each character in the game at this time will have the Active Time Battle bar Bar (ATB Bar) and when the bar is full the player can select the action for the character and the character will execute immediately. Earn to die 5

Besides, the enemy can still attack your character if you don't act anything and you can move on to other characters turn and turn of the old characters remain unchanged. This system is innovative and has done so successfully for the Final Fantasy IV compared to previous versions of Final Fantasy. Earn to die 6
Gold Miner

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Well, to be very honest I have never once played any game of Final fantasy though the name rings a bell. Perhaps a friend of mine used to play it. It sounds fun though.

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