Gold Miner

Gold Miner is a game not very familiar with all ages it gives players the thrill as if to conquer everything.  local gold and diamonds you how to properly targeting and write about the highest score you can game you will win
popular game of all "gold miners" are presented as version 2 players in our portal for our fans. 
This time, a friend of our miners will accompany him while he collected gold, diamonds and stones with their anchors. new miners, who will help staff our veterans, trying to collect deposits using the same technique.

   Age of War 2   Follow the instructions to control this in our game portal;
1 Player (Player on the left): Throw your hook with the "S" key.
2nd Player (Player on the Right): Throws his hook with "Down" arrow key.
You will obtain extra bonuses at the end of each chapter with the points that you gain from valued stones in the mine.
 You can get your works done easier with these bonuses (Dynamite, the elixir of power, etc.). Stay away from big stones; because most of your time is spent and you cannot collect enough mines like gold and diamond
We wish you have fun.

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