Canvasser is a game for environmentalism enthusiasts and older kids & high school students who love a volunteering challenge. Here, your job is to raise virtual money as part of a team to save ‘Evergreen Forest’ from being cut down in this cool and unique point-and-click game of persuasion!

You play the role of an environmentally-concerned canvasser, and must use common sense, friendliness, likeability, rapport building skills, and verbal persuasion techniques to motivate and encourage people to give as much money as they can to your very important cause. Test your decision making skills as you attempt to choose the correct reply to each person’s response. Exercise your ‘people-reading’ skills, but try not to bore or annoy people by badgering them! The cool graphics are reminiscent of old school 8-bit games, and this adds to the likeability of the game.

   Slitherio   You have joined the ‘Saviors of Wilderness’, an environmental activist organization looking to raise $6,000 to stop Evergreen Forest from being chopped down. Each ‘Game Day’, you must raise a target sum of money from local civilian donations. If you repeatedly fail to hit your cash targets, you unfortunately get fired from the “no-nonsense” organization, and that means “game over”! 

    Unfair Mario    Before the action begins, you can customize your canvasser character. You then enter a short interview process, and practice canvassing before being sent out on your own for your first ‘day’. When the canvassing action begins, Left Click on a ‘civilian’ that is walking near you (using your computer mouse or touchpad). Some say they are ‘too busy’, and immediately walk off. Others stop and talk to you. Once you have an interested person next to you, Left Click on the blue pop up box on the left hand side of the play area, and then click ‘Give Rap’ to hand over a flyer to your potential patron. From here, you must try to increase the person’s interest and trust level before eventually asking for a donation

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