Coball Game

 Coball Game   Blocks is a very challenging, maze-based visual puzzle and problem-solving brainteaser game where you must guide a white ball to a red exit portal  in multiple, increasingly-difficult levels. The catch is that your rolling white ball can only move horizontally or vertically around the confined grid, and can only stop by impacting with a wall or other object.

    Age of War 2   How to play the Coball Game: You have to gather together 3 or more balls with one color to get rid of them. You can group them vertically or horizontally.  Also you can make a combination of vertically and horizontally positioned balls of the same color. Use your mouse to aim and left click for a shot. You win once you get rid of all balls.

Use ‘stopping blocks’ to control the momentum of a rolling ball, and slide it into an exit portal: Road 
Reasons to play this multi-level, brain teaser puzzle: Although the game has a simple concept (move a ball around a maze toward the exit), there are number of very tricky elements to it that should prove testing for even the most seasoned visual puzzle aficionados.   Each level plays as an interesting problem-solving challenge where you must carefully observe the playing field, and all levels are a stern test of your ability to figure out the correct path to the exit.

How to play: Look at the right side an see what color ball is shown here. That is the ball you are going to shoot once you click your mouse left button. See if you have same color ball on the top line in the main area move your mouse to position your cannon right above the ball you are going to target. Left click your mouse and the ball you saw on the left side will shoot out of the cannon. try to shoot same colored balls into one line. 3 or more connecting same color ball will disappear. You can collect more points if you eliminate balls in large groups.

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