Zen Koi

Grow, varieties, and collect glittering colorful Koi on the road to super peaceful experience in new
style from Zen Koi LandShark Games.

gameplay and a soundtrack gentle meditation by Sovereign and SFX system by IMBA, Zen Koi is a unique blend of action slowly and collection strategies thu.De danger and excitement escalate's Koi by chase you and consume plenty of animated fish. Find other Koi varieties to produce offspring rare form. along a path extending legends, your Koi to guide its final scale to meet the dragon form.

- Play free
- Soothing, intuitive gameplay

- Calming atmosphere and beautiful environment toned
- Hundreds of koi collection, including hard to find Rares
- Access to familiarize yourself with friends Share Koi
- Limited edition model Koi awarded to the first player to download and play

Note:Age of War 6 
Zen Koi is free to download and play. However, optional items are available through In-App Purchase in game demang you for the wonderful experience and relaxation

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