Poom is a very challenging, fast-paced arcade game for kids, teens and adults where you maneuver a randomly-generated platform into position so that it keeps a bouncing ball airborne.

The platform changes the layout of its tiled structure after each bounce, and you must keep the ball alive for as long as possible.
    Age of War 2    : Good concentration, visual skills and mouse control are vitally important here. Focus on the core objective of your task – Survive for as many ‘bounces’ as possible. Try to position the platform so that the ball lands on a particularly high-bouncing area. Just allowing the ball to bounce on regular squares won’t keep it high enough to succeed for long.
Challenge yourself to increase your high score as you become more familiar with the controls and movement.

Unfair Mario  : A Flash-based, mouse-only skill game of survival for notebook, laptop and desktop PC / Mac. A silver ball is dropped from the top of the play area, and you must try to keep it airborne by positioning the tile-based platform structure underneath it (The platform moves to the movement of your computer mouse cursor).
Each time your ball bounces on the platform, the platform changes shape. If the ball bounces on the red and white ‘Target’ square, it rebounds much higher than if it bounces on a regular square. Each bounce scores points toward your overall total. If the ball falls through the bottom of the play area, your attempt is over. Click on the game-screen to start your next attempt.

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