Horsey Farm

  Horsey Farm     This animal welfare role-playing game will really keep you on your toes because Princess is a very demanding little pony!  She has to be fed, given water, played with, brought to the bathroom , cleaned, put to bed and taken to the vet.  Once she gets all of that, she’s a very happy horsey!

   Slitherio  :  Princess is in a pen in the middle of the farm.  Everything she wants is in a different area around her pen.  She has 7 different needs, and each of those needs has its’ own status bar at the bottom of your game screen.  Once you get all 7 bars over that point – Princess does a little dance, and you can move on to the next level.

Do you love horses? Ever dreamed of having your very own pony to play with and take care of?  Well now’s your chance! Horsey Farm is a fun horse-caring simulation game for young girls and boys where you work on a farm taking care of Princess the Pony.  Princess is a super-cute pink pony and it’s your task to keep her happy, healthy and playful by giving her everything she needs. 

   Age of War    To give Princess something she wants, use your computer mouse (click and drag) to bring her to where she wants to go.  Click and drag her to any one of the 7 areas around her pen to increase the status bar associated with that area.  But be careful, because as time passes, each bar decreases slowly until you bring Princess back to that area. Don’t leave Princess without something for too long.  If you forget to provide her with one of her needs and the bar runs empty, she becomes very sick and you have to start all over again.  But you won’t let that happen! Pretty soon, you’ll make Princess the happiest and healthiest little pony around! Let’s get caring!

 If you give Princess what she needs, the bars will increase. For example, if you bring Princess to the vet, her Health bar will go up. If you bring her to the Washing Station, her Clean bar will increase.  At the start of each level, you are shown how high all 7 of the bars have to be before you complete that level. 

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