Flood Runner 1

Flood runner 1 is to run and jump simple flash game that started series runner flooding. Created in 2009, and was the first of it's kind, the authors admit that the gameplay itself is simple, understandable, and in his words, "nothing fancy." And that is really what you get in this game. Be the first of it's kind, that's pretty much bare bones kind of game. 

  Unfair Mario  You should definitely try out the other Flood Runner games that came after this one. But before you play them it’s a good idea to play this one and see where it all began.

Basically, the game is all about a sick figure character who is constantly running. He’s constantly running because he’s trying to escape an incoming flood that’s constantly behind his back. Along the way he’ll have to time his jumps just right to be able to jump on ledges and keep running to escape the flood. And that’s about the whole story. There’s really no backstory involved in the game. It’s really that simple.

 Gold Miner   It’s a good thing games are really more about playing the game and how it comes out and less on a story because the gameplay on flood runner is actually pretty good in spite of it’s simple nature. Books are for reading and games are for playing and Flood Runner 1 in spite of it’s simplistic nature is still very playable.

Press the C key to jump and press the V key to do a double jump. The spacebar starts the game. And just like everything in this game, that’s just about it! There’s no way to stop the character even if you tried so don’t even think about it. Besides, stopping will mean getting swallowed up instantly by the flood, so why stop?

 Happy Wheels  The simple nature of the controls and of the game actually give you a chance to practice and improve your timing. It’s not that easy to be able to time your jump while constantly on the run from a giant wave. You’ll realize that after your first few tries in the game ends in getting swallowed up by the incoming flood. Timing is of the essence in the game and this game proves that timing is one of those things that are easy to learn but tough to master. To help you not get flooded, it’s a good idea to use the double jump when in the air at maximum height for the best results and the longest jump.

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