Baby Lisi Wedding Cake

Baby Lisi Wedding Cake is a fun, party-themed role playing game that combines cake making, dressing up, nail beautifying, and room decorating all in one! Baby Lisi is throwing an enormous wedding-themed bash for her friends and family but she urgently needs help baking the cake, prepping her nails, getting dressed up in a gorgeous outfit, and designing the room where the party is going to be held. You step into the role of the multitasking party planner, with lots of work to do!

  Age of War     This easy-to-play, light-hearted, mouse-clicking game could be a good fit for young girls or boys who show an interest in baking, make-up, fashion and room d├ęcor, while older players could enjoy the opportunity to put together so many different party elements all in the one activity! Are you ready to help Lisi throw an awesome party that will be the talk of the town?

Decoration Stage: Here, you choose the furniture, decorations, and color scheme for the party venue. The choices appear in a pink box in the top left corner of the play area (Some items must be dragged from the box into the center of the party venue). When you are happy with your individual choice, click on the blue arrow above the box to move to the next category of decorations. Once the venue is to your liking, click on the ‘Finish’ button to complete the game.

  Age of War 3    : Some of the instruction messages in the game contain some grammatically-poor English language usage. However, this does not take away from the general gameplay. Happy organizing!

How to Play: The game has 4 different stages (levels): Cake, Nails, Outfit, and Decoration. In the cake baking level, you have to follow a specific recipe – but in the other stages, you can choose freely which colors / outfits / furniture you want to be displayed.

Cake Stage: Using your computer mouse or touchpad, click on the various ingredients and utensils as indicated by the pink arrow. The cake is made, step-by-step, by following the directions of Lisi, her friends, and the helpful little arrow.

  Gold Miner    : Here, you have to give Lisi a cool manicure. Choose the color you want to paint onto Lisi’s nails from the tab at the right hand side of the play area, and then click on her nails individually to paint that particular nail polish onto them. Once you are happy with your work, click on the ‘Next’ button in the bottom right corner.

Outfit Stage: Here, you get to choose Lisi’s outfit for the big party. Click on the various categories (dresses, earrings, shoes etc.) from the list, and then click on your chosen item to automatically zap it onto Lisi’s body! When you are satisfied with Lisi’s chic new look, click ‘Next’ to move onto the next stage.

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