Smart Spa Shop

  Smart Spa Shop     This fun and fast-paced business simulation game combines the needs of classic customer service skills with good time and money management. You have to ensure your clients are catered for quickly and efficiently, for if they are waiting around too long (in their view), they lose patience and leave. Can you hit your daily money making targets, and make a steady profit while on your way to becoming the most respected spa owner in the city? Good look and keep smiling!

 Age of War 2  : Earn a target virtual income each ‘game day’ by quickly attending to the needs of your customers. Each customer comes into your Spa looking for a certain treatment (indicated by a speech bubble next to their head). Using your computer mouse or touchpad, Left Click and drag the customer to their desired wellness or beauty treatment area – for example, the sunbed, the massage chair, the steam locker, or any of the various treatments on offer at your spa center. Some of the treatments, such as the massage chair, require you to fetch an item from the table in the center of the game screen.

   Gold Miner     Once the customer’s treatment is completed, a Gold Coin Icon appears beside them. Click on this to collect the virtual money from the customer (your treatments are $100 each – yippee). You have to reach a target sum indicated at the start of each level in order to progress to the next level.

 You must reach this target before the clock runs out (in the bottom left corner of the game screen). Sometimes, there is more than one customer waiting for treatments. Make sure that you tend to her as quick as possible. If she has to wait around for too long, she leaves frustrated – losing your business a valuable sale and customer. Your spa becomes busier as you progress, with treatments added. Can you handle the heat, and manage your business efficiently?

     Unfair Mario     business entrepreneur with an interest in the holistic health, spa and wellness industries? Ever dreamed of opening your very own spa salon & wellness center? Well, now you can virtually make those dreams and business plans come true!Shop is  Smart Spa a cute and original customer service-based tycoon game for girls and boys where you must run your very own spa, and attend to your quality customers with facials, massages, sunbeds, steam machines, and more! You operate all on your own, and have a steady stream of lady customers expecting to get all glammed-up and pampered through a quality salon experience!

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