Cute Pet Wedding

Cute Pet Wedding little dogs in gorgeous tuxedos and wonderful wedding gowns… Our ‘cute meter’ is about to fly off the charts!Cute Pet Wedding is a fun and easy-to-play dressing up game for preschoolers and young kids.  

    Age of War   : Use your computer mouse or touchpad to do all of the controls. After you click ‘Play’ on the Mein Menu screen, you are introduced to your first little dog (a female). Along the right hand side of the game screen, there are three red tabs. The top tab changes the background of the scene; you can choose to dress your dog on a grassy field, or on the deck of a boat out in the open sea. Clicking on the middle tab reveals an assortment of tiaras and veils. Click on the item of your choice to automatically apply it to your doggie’s head. The bottom tab features an assortment of wedding gowns. On both the middle and bottom tabs, you can click on the Blue Arrows underneath the items to scroll further through the collection.

This light-hearted, mouse-clicking dress-up activity should be a good fit for little children who love dogs and pets in general. Help them to develop their color-coordination abilities and improve their observation skills as they choose from a wide range of fun matching outfits for the perfect pups. Pet fashion magazine editors and photographers – Get ready for the wackiest wedding photo op of a lifetime! Happy organizing of the Big Day!

  Gold Miner     When you are happy with the appearance of your female dog, click on the ‘Next’ button at the bottom of the game screen. Now, you have to dress the male dog. Just as before, there are 3 different tabs. The top tab alters the background, the middle tab offers an array of cute hats, and the bottom tab features a range of cute tuxedos. Click on the items of your choice to apply them to your doggie. When you are happy with his look, click the ‘Show’ button at the bottom of the game screen to get an awesome picture of the happy little duo together.

Two beautiful little doggies are about to hold a play-wedding – and you assume the role of the excited wedding planner! You have to choose fabulous outfits for the cuddly canine couple, and also select the venue for the hilarious ceremony. This might well be one of the most lovable exhibitions of adorability that you are ever likely to see!

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