Vex 2

 Vex 2 includes an achievement room where you can check out which achievements you have obtained as well as learn which ones you still need to complete. There are a total of 29 achievements available, and they all get more difficult the higher you go! For instance, the first achievement is quite simple – complete the tutorial within any amount of time. However, to achieve the 7th achievement, you need to a total of 3 stars! While this might sound easy – it’s not. Those stars can be rather difficult to find and collect 

 Cubefield Game   By choosing to play the game from the main menu, new players should begin the tutorial before starting the actual game. The tutorial will give you a general idea of how to play the game, as well as give you some practice with the basic controls.
The game controls are quite simple. Using either the A and D keys or the left and right arrow keys will allow you to move your stick figure hero around the game. When you press the W key or the up arrow key, your hero will jump, and when you press the S key or the down arrow button, he will duck. Keep in mind that you can use all of these keys together to make your hero run and slide or wall jump!
Once you’ve completed the tutorial and feel comfortable with the controls, you can begin playing the first official level of the game – Act 1. There are a total of 10 Acts in Vex 2, each include many different obstacles for you to overcome. As you complete each Act you will unlock the next Act, as well as some other goodies!

Age of War 2  When you first begin to play Vex 2, the main menu screen appears. On this screen you are given multiple options to select – you can choose to play the game, build a stage, check your achievements, or enter the options panel.
If this is your first time playing, you may want to visit the options panel first before beginning the game. In this panel you can customize certain game settings such as the music and sound effects volume as well as particle and blend modes. In addition, you can choose to reset the game data and turn off the run time warnings.

  Unfair Mario  allows players to create their own stages to play! However, the key to building a great stage is having as many tools to work with as possible. In this stage builder mode, the only way to get the best tools and obstacles to use to build a great stage is by playing the game. You begin with a basic starter building pack, which really doesn’t include very much. But if you keep playing the game and completing each Act, you will soon unlock other builder packs to help you on your way to building a very challenging, massively sized stage! And better yet, you can now send the stage code to your friends so they can try to complete the stage you’ve built!

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