Vex 4

Our favorite stick man hero is back and is better than ever in Vex 4! Run, jump, climb, and slide your way to victory in this action packed, thrilling adventure game for all ages! Do you have what it takes to beat all 25 levels?

Hotkey Controls

The hotkeys in Vex 4 are very similar to those used in the previous versions of this game. You can choose to use either your A, S, D, and W keys or your arrow keys to direct your stick figure hero in the direction you want him to go. You can also press the M key to mute the game’s music and sound effects (or you can do this in the options panel). However, in addition to these keys, you are also able to use your J, K, and L keys to activate certain power-ups that can be purchased in the game shop.
In Vex 4, you now have many character options to choose from when beginning and advancing throughout the game. At the beginning, you can start with two basic characters – a male stick figure or a female stick figure. As you progress through each level, you can unlock additional characters, including a cute kitten, a mean bear, and much more!

Vex 4 features 25 new Acts (also called levels) to complete. Within each act, you are tasked with collecting as many stars as possible. These stars not only give your character many score points, but also grant him with in-game money to allow you to purchase items and power-ups in the game shop. Keep your eye out for these stars though – some of them are quite difficult to find!
Similar to previous versions, completing different stages of the game will unlock achievements in your trophy room. As you complete an achievement, you gain bonus score points, as well as some bonus cash to spend in the game shop! There are over 25 new achievements you can unlock.

Game Shop
Exclusively available in Vex 4 is the new game shop. In this game shop you will find many items and power-ups that you can purchase that will help boost your stick man hero. Some power-ups may include speed boosters or power jumping shoes. Others  may be simple items to allow you to customize the appearance of your character, such as a cute hat, a different color shirt, or a rocking new hair-do!
Stage Builder Mode
The stage builder mode was so popular in the previous versions of Vex that the developers decided to keep their fans happy and include this mode in Vex 4. In this stage builder mode, you not only are able to build your own stages by using similar obstacles and platforms found throughout the game, but you can even design your own and include them in your stage! In addition, you can also share the link to your custom stage with your friends on Facebook and Twitter!

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